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FunAction sport


Climbing is one of the sports you can do with FunAction card. Photo: FunAction Liikuntavirasto

FunAction sport

Today’s article shall be about my experiences with the FunAction cards. It’s a programme by the city of Helsinki, made for the youth between 13-17 years. There’s also Easysport for younger people. First, it’s very easy to sign up for the card, as they have many selling places spread over the city of Helsinki. As for the prices, it’s really cheap, just 25€ per season and 4€ for the physical card, so just the first time.

Now let me talk about their programme. There are lots of different kinds of sport. Of course, I can only talk about those I tried myself. Last season, I did one lesson of the gymclass in Pirkkola. That was very educational, as the coach not only always explained how to correctly do the exercises, but also helped everybody personally by explaining more things about the gym.

Excited to try out more, I started doing street workout, boxing, kickboxing and fencing regularly from that point. Now, this may sound like a lot, but everything was just once a week and always only 1-1,5 hours, so it was a very reasonable training plan. Still, everybody’s reaction was the same, so every time I was asked, which kind of sports I’m doing, I had to introduce the people to FunAction.

Coming back to the actual sports now, they all were absolutely new to me and I had neither equipment nor experience. So, the coaches all did a great job, helping me with whatever problems I faced. Of course, it wasn’t easy all the time, as I failed lots of times in for example fencing against my teacher, but it was always combined with a fun learning experience. Not just this, but also the very nice atmosphere among mates and the gentle coaches really made 2018’s FunAction season an amazing time. Sometimes I was the only one training, in boxing or fencing, which just made it more challenging and even more rewarding, if I succeeded in the end – showing myself, I can do more. This mindset, challenging yourself with the help of professionals and the general goal of, really just, fun, is what defines this for me.

Concluding, I think everybody of the age 13-17, who can spare 30€, should at least once try a FunAction course. Now, everybody else should also think, if they’ve tried something new lately and when was the last time, you really tried to challenge yourself?

Teksti: Niklas Stahlke
German exchange student in Metsälä